Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Ready for the pre-orders!

Well the pre-orders for the new Harlies are up and I made sure to get my order in nice and quick!
I have two boxes of the Troupe on their way and a Solitaire, can't wait to get the models but with the leaked photos for the Skyweavers I suspect I am going to have a lot of painting to do over the next few weeks!
As for now the basics of the army are as good as done, first Harlequin Troupe are fully painted and my Razorwing and Venoms are all ready to go! Just need to base them and then I am ready to move on to the next unit!
Here is a family shot of the army so far:
And then a closeup of my Razorwing:
And finally my WIP Solitaire/Archon conversion, still a little work to do on this model but I am quite happy so far!

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