Wednesday, 28 January 2015

First unit done!!

Well it's been quite a lot of hard work but the first unit is finished!
I now have a month to do the rest of the army......................Uh oh!
Here are a few pictures of my first Harlequin Troupe and my White seer (see previous posts).
Hope you like!
Full unit

3 Standard Harlies

Troupe Master Front

Troupe Master Rear

Death Jester



White Seer

Wraithlord (Marionette)
Well the basis of the army is there, got a fair bit more to paint and build but it's starting to come together!
Now it's confirmed that the pre-orders for the new stuff are starting on Friday I will be heading down to GW and order a couple boxes of the new Troupe and a new Solitaire (very pretty model!). More to paint!!


  1. They look great. Nice work on the check pattern.

    1. Cheers Colin, the check pattern is certainly a pain in the ass. More so on the smaller models than on larger ones (like the Wraithlord) worth it though I think :)