Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The next 250!

Well I have the first 500 pts now complete so may as well start on the next 250! 
The actual unit will only be 8 scorpions with Exarch and Wave Serpent but since I am doing them I may as well do the full unit with both Exarchs and Pheonix Lord all together.
Now I need to find a way of stripping the paint without making a complete mess like the last incident wih the dettol which ended up with paint all over the place.
 Wish me luck!

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

First 500pts.......................Complete!

Well it's been a while but the first 500 pts is finally complete!
It consists of:
Illic Nightspear
8 Rangers
3 Jetbikes- Shuriken Cannon
10 Dire Avengers- Exarch, Power Weapon & Shimmershield

Not entirely sure how effective it'll be on the table top but it's the start of what I am planning as a 'Tournament' list.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Something unrelated....

Ok so it's not part of my 500pt list but inbetween painting parts of the Jetbikes and watching the latest episode of Dexter I painted up this little guy!
I've been reading a few of the Black Library Eldar books recently, particularly the Path of the Seer and Path of the Outcast and they mention White Seers.
White Seers are powerful Farseer's who are basically a bridge between the Craftworlds and the Black Library and are charged with collecting knowledge of Chaos.
I loved the idea of this and decided to paint up an old Farseer model to represent one.

My White Seer:

Monday, 9 September 2013

First Unit!

Ok, so it's taken a while. A slow painter with a lack of free time doesn't make for a quick army build!
The first unit is done though, naturally it had to be a Ranger unit!

Also, Games workshop have finally delivered what I ordered.
One Illic Nightspear!
Very much looking forward to painting up this model. For finecast it is very well moulded. Only had to make one small correction, filling up a hole in the shoulder pad where a bubble had been.